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Employment & Pensions

Companies doing business in Saudi Arabia have a number of local employment regulations to take in to consideration. The lack of pensions issues for expats is set off against the statutory requirement to pay end of service benefits akin to a pension contribution, which mean that organisations must ensure they are are planning properly for their workforce while protecting their balance sheets. Similarly, the recent rise in number of cash- and share-based management incentive arrangements for businesses headquartered in Saudi Arabia is a new development which requires some careful thought.

Our employment specialists advise businesses on these issues on a daily basis. They can help you navigate the maze of local regulations, policy documents, and other legal complexities you must contend with to successfully manage your workforce. Working in partnership with your legal and human resources teams, we advise on all key aspects of employment law and employee benefit schemes.

If your business crosses borders, you have to contend with a complex framework of employment regulation in order to achieve the best outcome for your business. With a global network covering 42 countries, we can help you address these challenges in all the countries in which you operate.
We advise clients across jurisdictions in relation to employment and executive contracts, employee benefit programmes, restructuring, employment disputes, employment aspects of M&A transactions and trade union relations. Our team in RIyadh can also call upon a 300-strong group of employment specialists worldwide to deliver advice when needed.

We provide a full service in respect of labour laws and decrees, employment contracts, employment policies, social insurance, work permits and labour disputes.

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